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From year to year companies experience increasing influence of competitive environment. It’s becomes much more difficult to achieve high selling results, and a high range of goods on shelves is no longer guarantees high sales.

That is why in the rival for the customer's attention companies experiment with mass advertisement lower prices and etc., - which definitely results in additional expenses and not definitely gives a desirable result.

Among effective selling instruments merchandising is one of the most successful methods to use. Merchandising – is a modern technology aimed at stimulation and promotion of goods in retail outlets.

Our merchandisers and sales consultants help clients in applying new technologies and methods. Qualified consultations on showrooms and sales area decoration, equipment and goods display, POS – materials provision, as well as, one may desire, sound accompaniment, lightning, and wall colour. These measures provide turnover increase on 20-30% at the most minimum costs.

Easy, comfortable and satisfyable shopping for clients, so they will defiantly come again, is the main idea and challenge. We do everything for the client to feel comfortable while shopping in a store, easily find just the product that he is looking for and return to that shop again.

Merchandising is as important as product brand recognition, advertisement in mass media or promotions. That is why our specialists pay great attention on merchandising in partners’ sales outlets.

 While working with lots manufacturers, we also take into account our partners' demandson goods layout on retail outlets shelves. These requirements allow increase sales significantly. Experts follow manufacturer's planograms and merchandising' requirements while working with retailers and implementing those notes in every trade outlet, which eventually results in significant sales.

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