Company profile

Pixel Electronics is a professional "all-in-one" distributor of variable digital equipment, accessories, computer peripherals and household appliances.

For the present day Pixel Electronics is a unique distributing company on the domain of the Republic of Belarus, which comprises all segments of the electronics and household appliances.

We represent our business on the Belarusian market since y.y.1997. Started with a petite retail shop, located in province, selling cameras and photo printing, the Company has grown up as one of the most considerable distributor with a substantial selection of goods in a range of no less than 3000 units.

No need to search for additional sources of distribution – our partners enjoy "all-in-one" service by selecting of a wide range of goods for any type of trade and commerce. Smooth logistics and widespread dealers net provide up-to-date control of goods delivery from the vendor's warehouse to the client.

Direct contractual relations with world's leading manufacturers guarantee persistent supply of brand new collections of digital, technical equipment and household appliances.

Pixel Electronics provides all - inclusive support for partners and clients, including advertisement and marketing support. Flexible conditions of partnership specially crafted for different types of business forms give opportunity to cover significant area of merchant activity in the country.

We value greatly and cultivate our reputation as a reliable partner, which resulted in over than 2000 long-term contracts with major world leading manufacturers and Belarusian enterprises.

Pixel Electronics is proud to be a distributor of and represent on Belarusian market such brands as Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm Electronic, Varta Consumer Batteries GmbH&CO, Transcend Information. Inc, DeLonghi, Kenwood, Scarlett, Riva Case, EMTEC, TDK, Imation, SONY and many other.

Due to matrix architecture of management we effectively control products portfolio and marketing activity. Specially designed proprietary software controls availability of goods in warehouses, clients’ debts and credit lines. Own warehouse systems and transport logistics provide day-to-day or overnight deliveries.

Pixel Electronics - Expert Electronics.

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