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Strategic Partnership

We are proud to admit that Pixel Electronics develops and grows constantly.

We believe that our ticket to success is an explicit strategy and its exact and progressive implementation.

Today Pixel Electronics is an auspicious multiproduct distributor and, what is moreover, one of the active offer -& - supply formants on national market. Our specialists carry regular monitoring of the global electronic trends to ensure up-to-date quality goods range on shelves.

We put consideration on the success of our partners as a consequent marker of our own financial welfare. The widest range of products in our portfolios is our key business philosophy.

Throughout our business we apply principles of professionalism, reliability of the company and its stuff, well- developed distribution channels, full marketing support all over the country, and we look forward for the same attitude from our partners.

In pursuit of long term and prosperous partnership we pay great attention to business partners we conduct relations with and see one of our aims occupation of leading positions on the market with every single portfolio we represent. Thus we carefully analyze sales and production targets of our partners, their guarantee and service facilities and terms and marketing support. Our partners may be ensured, while running a business with Pixel Electronics, that they have acquired a reliable and professional associate.

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