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In the course of business any company cooperates with many other companies and organizations. The enterprise' existence is impossible without collaboration with clients, producers, financial and state institutions, and even competitors.

Pixel Electronics builds its partnerships with the whole business-processes chain. Respectful and open relations between partners - are always a keystone of successful and effective work.

The company's clients appreciate our professional work and service quality, and in turn we are grateful for our clients’ high loyalty to our company. Relations with our vendors are based on desire to achieve high and ambitious results in the Belarusian market. By helping each other at every stage, from product manufacture to its sale to the final consumer, we realize our ambitions into tangible results.

Pixel Electronics - is a politically correct and socially-oriented company. Therefore, we also build partnerships with the state: the company pays 100% all taxes, all company' products go through customs control, every employee receives an official salary, and the company lists all necessary payments from his salary, thus worrying about the future of employees.

All company' partnerships are built on strategic basis and perspective for long term and productive work.

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